Workshop Report


While preparing this report about future of shopping, we ran several workshops. One of these workshops was with children and teenagers. We imagined the future of shopping with the customers of the future. One of the workshops was with Arçelik and Beko resellers. We focused on consumers’ demands and designed scenarios for near future. The participants of our last workshop were white collar professionals working at retail market leader companies. As a result of these three workshops we came up with hundreds of innovative ideas. Yet, we only chose ten of them for you. Are you ready to shop in tomorrow?

1 From Shelves to Home

This idea brings physical and digital experience together. First you go into a store, start to wander around the aisles, pick the products you like and then simply click to the + sign right next to its price tag. Right at that moment the product is added to your virtual shopping basket.

In other words, you are physically in the store, yet you neither have a shopping basket nor a trolley. Therefore, you don’t need to place everything you buy to your basket and carry it with you while looking at other stuff.

When you are done with your shopping you can either pay at the cash register or online and then you leave the store without carrying bags. Your order is delivered whenever you want, wherever you want and you spend the rest of the day without the weight of shopping bags.

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2 Hologram Store

Are you one those people who prefer not to go to stores but want stores to come to them? Then this idea is perfect for you. All you need to do is to say the magical words while you are sitting on your couch and the store you want appears in your living room.

You stand up and then it is basically the same process with our “From Shelves to Home’ idea. You fill your virtual basket with what you want to buy simply by wandering around the hologram store in your place. Your order is delivered to you whenever and whichever address you want.

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3 Futurematic

This idea is about promising and shopping. How? For example, you make a promise to a specific brand or store to shop regularly from them and ensure the total amount of money you will pay in advance. If you keep your promise, you win extra loyalty points and you are offered special discounts and campaigns. Another offer is to be a part of an exchange program and thereby you plan the future of the product you buy and ensure a renewal or part exchange.

#Personalization #LoyaltyProgram #ServiceDesign #NewBusinessModel

4 I Am Here

Almost all brands offer their customers a loyalty card. Most of the time we use this card at the very last moment when we are at the cash register for checkout.

This idea redefines loyalty cards and takes them to another level. We are talking about an idea that transforms loyalty cards into a key. You literally check-in by scanning your loyalty card right at the store entrance. Thereby, all the staff knows you by your name, products recognize you, shelved guide you. Basically the shopping experience is personalized to you. Who knows maybe in near future we won’t even need a card and showing a tattoo on your arm will be enough for this idea. Or maybe a face recognition system will be able to do the same thing. The important thing is that you’ll be welcomed from the first minute you step into the store.

#SmartKey #LoyaltyProgram #Beacon #WearableTechnology #FaceRecognition #Personalization #SmartCampaign #SpotOn #InternetOfThings

5 Welcome to Your New Address

Every year thousands of people change their address. Sometimes they prefer a new place in the same street, sometimes same neighborhood and sometimes same city. Yet, time to time they may even move to another city.

This idea is for people who plan to move in to a new place. People appreciate the help they get when they really need it. Who would not love a sincere welcome during their stressful move out-move in process.

It can be a welcome visit from your corner store, or from a technical service center. You can be offered a special service for your appliances that need to be reassembled.

Moving is new start anyway and every new start has its own beauty.

#LoyalCustomer #SecureID #MovingServices #CustomerRelationships #LocationServices #Personalization

6 Tried and tested

Is there a better sales person than a satisfied customer? This idea redefines the role of the end users. We are talking about a system that offers special campaigns to the customers who share their positive experiences with other potential customers.

Customer satisfaction can be shared with others on social media or the happy customers could even invite their friends to their home to share their positive experience. They try out the product together and discuss its pros and cons.

#SocialMedia #CommonExperience #Sharing #SecureID #CustomerExperience #EverywhereIsAStore #LoyaltyProgram

7 Paywalk

This idea is perfect for payment process. You’re done with your shopping. You pass your basket through the payment system without emptying and scanning each item, because the moment you started to fill it, the products and the basket are in communication. Every time you add another product to your basket, it is added to your bill immediately. When you are done with your shopping and about the exit the store the only thing you have to do is to press the button saying “end shopping” and confirm the amount on the screen. So basically you don’t even need to take your wallet out from your pocket. Another idea parallel to this one is to walk through a special designed aisle and do the payment by face recognition system.

#InternetOfThings #Sensors #MobilePayment #SelfiePay #FastReceipt #RealTime

8 Seventh Sense

Are you one of those people who loves shopping? Do you ever buy stuff that you don’t actually need? Then this idea is a perfect fit for you. Seventh Sense is a real time warning system that activates itself when needed. This system warns you and gives some clever advice in real time. Sometimes a graphic saying “This is the third pair of shoes you bought in this month? Are you sure that you really need one more?” appears right in front of you. Sometimes you find yourself with a suggestion saying “This jacket would go really nice with the black pants that you haven’t worn in a while”. Your expenses are calculated instantly and you get warnings from Seventh Sense if needed. “Don’t you think you should go easy on your credit card? Your credit card bill looks quite scary this month. I would think one more time if I were you.”

#ArtificialIntellegince #Application #SecureID #Personalization #Bot #BigData #EverywhereIsAScreen

9 Live Connection

Most of the brands offer 24/7 live support for their customers. Sometimes with call centers, sometimes by email and sometimes on instant messaging applications. Even though it is not a big number for now, some of the brands offer video chat customer support. This idea is based on visual chat support yet the person you are going to talk is not someone from call center. We imagined to reach out to a sales assistant that works physically in store. We can connect to this person and wander around the aisles together, pick the fruits and veggies. You give directions to the sales assistant during shopping: “This tomato doesn’t look fresh, go for the other one” You can look at the shelves and products from his eyes, and ask for his advice simply by talking to him. Why not?

#SmartGlasses #VisualCommunication #LiveBroadcast #WearableTechnology #InternetOfThings

10 My Manager

This idea suggests that shopping is possible anytime. Imagine that you have a manager with you for 24/7. Your manager is unbelievably good that he even understands what you want only with couple words you say. For example, you tell him that you are going to throw a dinner party the next day and it prepares a list for required ingredients and orders the ones you don’t have at that moment. The minute you mention about going on a holiday it checks whether you have sunscreen at home. It also tracks your daily consumption. Do you have eggs, cheese or milk in your fridge? Are there any products expired? Everything is under control. Smart, systematic and result oriented.

#ArtificialIntelligence #Application #SecureID #Personalization #Bot #BigData