Workshop Report

10 Extraordinary Ideas on the Healthcare of Tomorrow

The human of tomorrow will be more powerful, more capable, and more long-lived. Healthcare system of tomorrow will be more personal, more protective, and more active.

Along the way of the trip to the future, we came together with the doctors of tomorrow and had a creative brainstorming session. Our focus areas were the diagnosis, treatment, tracking, and the healthcare of tomorrow. We dreamt together with almost twenty Koç University Med students, who are studying second and third years. Walt Disney once said ''If you can dream it you can do it. '' We dreamt, and now it’s science world’s turn. We wish at least a few ideas are able to be put into practice.

Left to right: Mert Atasever, Buket Polat, Kaan Ersoy, Simge Acar, Fatma Yıldırım, Gizem Özgür, Yiğit Kulabaş, Çınar Öztosun, Mirac Nur Musaoğlu, Feyza Çetin, Enes Çevik (Üstte), Atalay Demiray, Zeynepgül Kalay, Uzay Temel, Özgün Ekin Şahin, Ferhat Ünlükal

1 Body Map

Think of the color code on the traffic maps. Red roads are problematic, yellows are risky, and greens are flowing. Then imagine a device. This could be a mirror or a screen. Set out on a trip inside yourself as you stand in front of it. Imagine you see that your body, veins, chakras are detailed in red, yellow and green. Is there an unwanted mass generation? Let that area turns red in the map. Is your cholesterol got higher? Let the most affected veins light in yellow. Make this a daily ritual, not identify unwanted situations only having a pain or hurt but also detect them while looking in the mirror in the mornings. This device may blaze a trail in the treatment of diseases especially when early detection is critical such as prostate and breast cancer.

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2 The Diagnosis-meter

The diagnosis-meter comes after detection of the symptoms through the body map. We assumed that the healthcare institutions to have these devices since they are more complex and expensive. The devices were considered to be installed in the neighborhoods as closed cabins. We were inspired by ATMs and named the device ADM: Automated Diagnosis Machine.

Regardless of the patient's complaint, the diagnosis-meter will scan his/her entire body, set the preliminary diagnosis, and direct the person to the relevant unit. Patients will enter the hospital passing through the diagnosis-meter. His/her health data will be uploaded to the cloud system

#doctorinsideofme #instantdiagnosis #healthcloud #automatic #prediagnosis #hospitalintheneighbourhood

3 Surreal Surgery

What if surgeries come together with the technology of augmented reality? This idea was developed particularly for operator doctors and surgeons. The device has two separate programs: preoperative and operative. In the preoperative application, a comprehensive simulation for the healthcare team is created, and the same situation is created for practicing the challenging surgery. As for the operative course, everything under the skin of the patient can be seen from the veins to the organs and even to the unwanted masses with the aid of an infrared-assisted augmented reality goggle.

#augmentedreality #surgerysimulator #augmentedhealth #seethrough

4 SaveMeDoc

You have most definitely heard the call "Is there a doctor in the house?" On board, in traffic, in a remote neighborhood, maybe in a picnic, who knows. SaveMeDoc is a new model for the health care service. This service can be objectified in various ways: Sometimes it will approach you as a doctor-connected drone, which we named DRone, and your doctor will perform the first respond remotely. Sometimes it will be deployed as a mini robot resembling a full-equipped WALL-E, wait its duty at the ready; in the airplane cabin, under the stairs, between the walls - just like a fire extinguisher... Sometimes it will shape in flesh and bones; application on your phone will allow you to call help of the nearest doctors. From anywhere, at any time...

#DRone #doctorinthestreet #emergency #docintheair #EmergencyWALL-E

5 Dis-infection

It is a disinfection device as the name implies... We believe that the idea may revolutionize in the field of preventive healthcare. The device that is designed as goggles offers a hygiene map for users. It shows the density of harmful bacteria and pests on all surfaces. The built-in pathogen-meter shows the density of the pathogens in public transport, public places, healthcare institutions and even homes by changing color. Skills of the device are not limited to these; it addresses the nose on the advanced model, as well as the eyes. It analyzes and filters the air you breathe, cleansing you of all your hygiene worries.

#hygienemap #bacterydetector #hygieneasisstant #pathogenmeter #filtAir #LOOKteria

6 Social First-Aid Cabinet

Think of a first-aid cabinet. It can speak to both your prescription, your medicine boxes, and also to pharmacy. It is even in contact with your doctor. It phrases writings on the prospectuses in a simple and understandable way, gives warning as the medicine is running out, and reminds their time of use. It transforms the experience of medicine use much more conscious such as: "This medicine needs to be taken on an empty stomach..." These social first-aid cabinets are candidates to be pharmacists at home.

#talkingmeds #prospectustranslator #intelligentdrug #reminder #socialmeds #errorfree

7 iSleep

Do you wish your bed to give you information about your sleep quality, your daily weight, and your body values when you wake up in the morning? Besides, this bed also has the ability to monitor your sleep in order to awaken you in the ideal time.

Models, which designed as cradles, include features such as height measurement, instant body temperature tracking, and fever reduction.

#smartbed #smartcradle #sleepmonitor #qualityliving #babymonitor

8 Nurse on my Pulse

You can consider of this device as an accessory to be worn on your wrist such as; watch, bracelet, band or even a tattoo. Just place it on the right vein. This device will be a close tracker of your health. Measures regularly the blood values by means of its blood-meter features and gives warning on the personal cases in case of necessity. Tracks the pulse, heart rhythm and blood pressure. In the event of a diabetic patient using the device, the glucose meter features are activated, it manages the insulin take, and the patient will be saved from the needle. In case of emergency such as falls, fainting, informs our relatives and the nearest health institutions, or even calls an ambulance via the voice guidance add-on.

#pocketdoctor #healthmonitor #wearabletechnology #insulintracking #bloodmeter #glucosemeter #tracking

9 Home Lab

Check-ups and examinations take up a lot of space in both the lives of healthcare workers and their patients. The idea is to bring portable versions of critical devices, especially dialysis and ultrasound, into our homes. With the concept of "Homebulance" it is possible to transform a corner of the house into an ambulance.

#homexamination #dialysisathome #docinthehouse #easycheckup #homebulance #ambulanceathome

10 My Buddy Health

Think of a robot, giving an identity to your health and objectify. Let this robot be a little selfish. It will use force, at a pinch, to make sure your health is not disturbed, make you to act. Let's say you're sitting too long, the robot to close the TV and to ensure you to stand up. Let it be your Pilates instructor, when needed, give a massage as your wish, or pat you in the back when you upset. This cute hologram, reinforced by artificial intelligence, not only doing fore-stated but also motivates us when we delay our plan, gives psychological support in difficult times and even show from the precautions to take to the health institutions within the scope of our insurance, when we set out on a travel.

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