Computer Vision


Robert Manzano, one of America’s leading researcher academicians, describes the brain’s thinking structure step by step in his book ‘Dimensions of Thinking’ published in 1988,


According to this model, the mind first focuses, defines the problem and sets the target.

2 Information Gathering

The mind then starts to gather information. At this stage, it observes, asks questions for solutions, develops formulas.

3 Remembering

In the next step, the mind is encrypting and tries to remember by recalling similar information.

4 Organizing

In order to remember, the mind needs to compile and gather every piece of information it has acquired. It compares, groups, lines up and brings together similar ones.

5 Analyzing

After collecting all this data, the mind moves to analysis phase. It constructs relationships and templates. It defines attributes and their components. It extracts the main idea and distinguishes errors.

6 Generating

Now, the mind is at the inference stage. It extracts meaning out of all the information and makes estimations.

7 Integrating

Next, the mind configures and consolidates the data collected.

8 Evaluating

At the last phase, the mind makes an evaluation. According to defined criteria, it verifies.

Now, the way of thinking is established and can be repeated.

We preferred to use the same model when going into the depths of computer vision. Are you ready for the eight-step journey?