Campaign of Tomorrow


4P of marketing is dead. Now it is the time of 4 Rights. It is all about reaching to the right customer, at the right time, at the right place with the right offer. Campaigns are the best way to this. Companies have already started to design the campaigns of tomorrow. What makes the future campaigns different is that they are usually context aware 1 and real-time 2 they trigger interactivity by using different platforms for different attributes 3 make every platform shoppable 4 and make personal offers to customer with omni channel 5.


Your battery is about to die and you receive a text from the coffee shop you are passing by. “Don’t you deserve a nicely brewed coffee. On the top of that you can charge your phone at the same time.”


Macy’s’ “Walk-in and Win” campaign attracted everyone’s attention. Designed for Black Friday, the application transforms the whole shopping experience into a game, uses beacons and makes real-time personalized offers for customers.



Ted Baker takes the interactive shopping to next level with its groundbreaking application called “Shop the Film”. You can add the items you like to your basket while watching short movies. All characters in these movies wear or use Ted Baker products. A new era in product placement is on it ways. Be ready for themed fashion shows.

IKEA Russia ran an extraordinary interactive Instagram campaign and transformed the photo sharing platform into an online product catalogue. Once you click on the photos, you find yourself in the world of IKEA products.


Target’s application “In a Snap” is quite interesting. It enables you to shop the Target products you see on billboards, brochures and in catalogues simply by scanning its picture with your phone.


The application called “on the go” by Sephora targets not only online but also instore shopping experience. You can arrange one-to-one sessions with sales assistants, track your previous orders to see what you have bought and even more. It also works synchronized with Sephora’s loyalty program.