Delivery of Tomorrow


Probably the worst part of shopping is carrying all those bags.Let’s assume you are in a shopping mall. You went in to a store, picked what you want to buy and saw the long checkout line 1. Yet, you didn’t give up and got into the queue, waited for ages and finally made your payment – now it is all yours. But just a second! There’s another stage waiting for you: packaging 2. The product you just bought needs to be packed up so you can carry it easily. Finally, you managed to get what you wanted and left the store. Now what? You have to continue your tour carrying all those bags 3. Let’s say you wanted to have a lunch break, you have to stuff all those bags under the table or in case you decide to see a movie, you have to find somewhere to put your bags and try not to disturb other people. Not so much fun, right? At the end of the day you carried everything to the parking lot, found your car, put everything in the baggage 4. Once you arrived home, again you carried them to your home 5. Considering all these stages it shouldn’t be surprising that retail sector has already started to design a better delivery options for customers’ convenience.


British telecom company O2’s queue skipper application allows you to get in the queue even before you are in the store. Once you registered to the waiting line online, you track it on your phone and go to the store when it’s your turn, so you don’t have wait in the long queue for hours.


Packaging is also inspired by innovation. Today packaging is a tool for so many areas from showing your support to sustainability to advertisement.


Drop-off and collection points in shopping malls are more common compare to past. Parking lot is one of the important delivery and collection points in the malls. You collect your bags from the closest delivery point to your car.

Delivery to closest point is an important concept. Instead of giving your address as delivery point, you choose the closest one to collect your parcels. Curbside by American CVS is a quite popular example for this concept. Parcels are delivered to closest CVS for customers’ convenience and once the customer goes to the store for collection, he also does his regular shopping. Curbside also offers collection points other than CVS.


Uber has two new services under its business model. While UberRUSH delivers your packages to your place, UberEATS delivers food. Amazon is also working on a similar idea based on crowdsourcing.

Delivery with drones is a also pretty popular. Especially for close range points it is a quite attractive alternative. A new addition to the companies deliver with drone is famous American fast food chain Chipotle.


You can print the products your ordered on the Internet with your 3D printer. What about this designer lamp?