Virtual Personal Shopper

Pretty soon a new era in retail will start with all the new technological advancements. In fact, we won’t even need to go to the stores as we will have virtual personal shoppers that know us very well. These virtual personal shoppers will be friendly, helpful and patient. They will be able to understand our preferences and make good suggestions according to that.

3D Printer Design Specialist

3D printers will soon be a must for everyone. The new normal will be “Shop and print at home”. We will consume from everywhere. We will produce from anywhere. Most of us will need support for both perspectives. People will hire 3D printer designer specialists to have their very own designs.

Virtual Interior Architect

In this very near phygital world, the stores will be locations where digital and physical meet together. We will need smart minds to trigger phygital transformation. They will design the interior of stores and shopping malls. The demand for architects that work with AR and VR will surge.

Retail Programmer

Even though the first two things that pop into our mind when we talk about retail is stores and thereby sales assistants, in future there will be a need for retail programmers due to continuous visualization and phygitalization of the retail world.

Visualisation Photographer

Soon AR will be essential for retail. We will be able to try all the clothes on us and the furniture in our home before buying them. Visual photographers will be needed in order to have a successful and realistic virtualisation.

Drone Delivery Controllers

Delivery is no doubt one of the important stages of shopping experience. We have already started to think about faster and cheaper ways of delivery. Drone delivery will be an important delivery method for the future, it is already on its trial stage today. Soon we will need drone delivery controllers to deliver our orders to right addresses.

Virtual Reality Experience Designer

What about having a virtual shop in our home? Soon we will be able to go from one store to another in a shopping mall whilst sitting on our couch. In order to have this experience virtual reality experience designers will be needed.

Personal Brand Coaches and Managers

Personalization and only-for-you services gained importance especially in the last few years. Today 25% of the employees work on demand of customers and this rate will soon surge. In near future lots of people will have their own brand and avatars. Managing and mentoring them will evolve into a new occupation.