Tomorrow Reports

We know that technology will change the world. Soon we will be using new products, services and applications that we can’t think of today and we will adapt to them immediately.

The mission of our “Project Tomorrow” is to develop near future scenarios. We focused on the next five years, and discovered that our tomorrow will be astonishingly different.

Are you ready for tomorrow?


We approached to shopping of tomorrow from several perspectives. Customer of tomorrow is an important section. It is essential to understand their needs to design the experience of tomorrow, which also includes new ways of ordering and delivery. Payment methods will be transformed, physical world will meet digital habits and become phygital. Shopping of tomorrow will be astonishingly different.



We are getting bionic. Bionic human concept that we are familiar with science fiction movies comes to life in shapes you never imagined... Body, brain, heart, organs, genetics, veins and senses of tomorrow are on the verge of significant transformations. Are you ready to meet the human of tomorrow?



For many years, the world of science and technology has been working to bring human and animal vision to the computer. In recent years, with extraordinary speed and transformation, AI has moved from dream world to reality. Thanks to computer vision, cars, machines, toys, streets, gadgets, weapons are starting to “see.” Are you ready for tomorrow?