Brain of Tomorrow


Brain is the most critical hardware of living organisms, which still remains a mystery at this point and most likely contains all the secrets of existence. If we call the brain as hardware, then software will of course be "consciousness" 1 and "intelligence". Nowadays, as the artificial intelligence is in race with the real one 2, we discuss whichever emotional or analytical intelligence 3 is more valuable. Whereas the brain is a complete unknown until recently, today it is possible to move electronic devices via brain computer interface (BCI) technology by thinking only. These concepts, which are quite new to the history of mankind, rewrite our communication with the world, our life quality, professions, in a nutshell almost everything.

There are many companies studying on the transfer of the human brain to the cloud system. This means that it is possible to transfer our entire memory 4 to artificial intelligence, or even another person's brain. On one hand, while these developments proceed just like science-fiction movies, on the other hand for instance, the mystery of sleep 5 is not sufficiently illuminated. Therefore it's puzzling for human, who can be alienated to the root of even the most basic impulses just like software programmed to self-question, whether to solve his own existence.


If we could transfer all of our consciousness to a robot, would we still be the same person? According to Michio Kaku, this is exactly the key to immortality. Even though it seems to be impossible with today's technology, companies such as Humai have already begun to be established committing to copy all our memories, beliefs and views.


Elon Musk's new initiative Neuralink redefines the future of the human brain. Small devices to be installed on the brain will ensure human intelligence, which we still fail to determine the limits, to be able to cooperate with artificial intelligence. Neuralink's aim is to create a third layer on the brain: Inner brain, peripheral brain, and the artificial intelligence. Thus many new skills will be available.



The concept of smartness is redefined as artificial intelligence advances and even is integrated into the brain. Many skills we identify with intelligence today, especially those based on analytics or informatics, will also be abundant in the artificial intelligence and robots. The new smart is hidden within the emotional intelligence - to listen, understand, empathize, associate, share, learn, and to change... Emotional intelligence is one of the ten most important criteria according to "The Future of Jobs" report published by the World Economic Forum.


How about a cloud system, where you can upload all your memories, and even the idea of sharing these memories with others? Even it sounds like a very distant future, in the past few months, CalTech University has been able to transfer all memories of a rat to its look-alike robot version. Kernel Company believes that the human brain is used far below its capacity. They aim too high. Strengthening, backing up the brain and connecting it to the Internet are some of the objectives. The company will start the journey by defeating diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia first...



Sleep helps to cleanse the brain, refresh memory, and to get rid of metabolic surpluses. Eliminating sleep is not in the agenda of the science world, at least for now, however increasing sleep quality is an important field of study. One of the future topics is sleep management... A famous quote says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Everything starts with correct and real time measurement of the sleep values. Extraordinary devices are being developed through using wearable technologies and retrieving brain waves, in order to fall asleep quickly, wake up fresh in the right time and to defeat the sleep disorders.