Ideas for tomorrow start as dreams of today. When dreams are visualized, they challenge the reality and bring future closer to us. Here comes some food for thought. Read, watch, listen for inspiration and then rethink about the future of shopping.

Minority Report (2002)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Digital billboards recognize customers from their retinas and make special offers for them. A mechanic voice asks “Hello Mr. Anderson, would you like to see the other color options for the GAP t-shirt you bought last month?” Welcome to the future of retail.

BUYology (2008)

Martin Lindstrom

The truths and lies about buying habits. Martin Lindstorm spent 3 years and approximately 7 million dollars to examine buying habits. According to his neurological research, our buying preferences shaped 15% consciously, whilst 85% is decided subconsciously. What are the real influencers of buying acts of every single person? Is it possible that everything we know about purchase behaviors wrong?

The Future of Mind (2014)

Michio Kaku

“In the future we will be able to send our memories, thoughts and dreams to other people as if we are sending e-mails. We will be also able to control devices, buy theatre tickets or shop whilst looking at windows or relaxing at home simply with our brain” According to world famous futurist Michio Kaku our brains will be the star of future.

Looking Backward (1888)

Edward Bellamy

Bellamy describes 20th century in his book dated 1888. It is possible to have a sense of first credit card, big shopping malls and even online shopping in this utopian world where teamwork overcomes competition. A good read for people who look for mind opening experience whilst dreaming of positive future.