As computer vision applications increase, so will the applications in different areas of life. Phones, cars, many of the devices around us will analyze our gestures and body movements and make interpretations accordingly. However, for the correct interpretation of different movements and mimics in different cultures, localizers who have knowledge in a wide range of geographies will write algorithms that enable accurate analysis with different local elements.

Drone Operator

We see that security forces are starting to use drones in public spaces to closely monitor public movements. In the future, when operating drones becomes ordinary, there will be a need for drone operators to move them across the streets in different locations of the city. Until the drones will become smart enough and start to make their own routes.

Ethics Editor

As the use of artificial intelligence increases in the cinema and television, we have already started to see virtual newscasters. We will see virtual players in live series, and maybe we will watch series created in a completely virtual environment that broadcasts 24x7. In order to avoid any cultural contradictions about scenarios written by artificial intelligence, a human observant will probably read the scenario instantly and approve its “correctness”.

Big Data Visual Analyst

Big data engineering is not a new concept but processing huge amounts of data that computer vision produce requires a special field of expertise. These analysts, who also have expertise in areas such as 3D design, graphic processing, figure-pattern recognition, will develop new database approaches, write parallel programs and constantly strive to digest big piles of information.

AI Law Advisor

Even though technology improves, processors speed up and storage capacities approach infinity, computers have a small problem: they can make mistakes. As computer vision applications increase, there will arise AI records that identify you as another person or perhaps make it look like you are at some place you actually are not. Then all you can do will be to hire an AI law advisor to object to this misinformation.

Algorithm developer for Public Spaces

The debate has already started. What will autonomous cars do in an inevitable car accident? Will they crash into the old lady or the school bus? As computer vision applications increase, it seems inevitable that we will need experts who will evaluate the legal, ethical and social dimensions of the algorithms to be used especially in the public domain.

AI Programmer

Although artificial intelligence applications and robots seem to taking over many classic jobs in time, we need plenty of programmers to build their software, design algorithms, and implement deep learning scenarios. In addition, these developers will be specialized in areas such as robotics, visual data processing and mechatronics.

Remote Operator Doctor

Operations performed with remote-controlled robots such as DaVinci will become more widespread with different applications of computer vision. Although the first diagnosis will be made with artificial intelligence, especially in rural areas, and although simple medical procedures will be left to robots in critical surgeries, actual human doctors, at least as observers, will direct the operation and take the initiative when necessary.

Personal Security Specialist

Computer Vision applications become more widespread, at ATMs, at computers, when entering our house, maybe when getting into our car or picking up our child from school, a number of cameras will take our image and decide whether we are the right person or not. Definitely although there will be an abundance of new technologies, there will be malicious people like ID thieves and industrial spies to find backdoors and interfere with the system. Whether you are an ordinary citizen or a victim trying to escape from your unstable ex-lover, you may need a personal security expert.


If one day we go towards a dystopic world like in the Black Mirror series, and our face is inescapably recognized by computer vision applications all around the world and the security specialist we have hired cannot help us, we will definitely need aesthetic doctors. These experts, who are very familiar with the algorithms used by computer vision, will change the lines of our face so that algorithms will no longer recognize us. We hope there will not be any need for this, but, who knows...